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    But first of all, you should know about the payment gateway then we can proceed further.

    Do you know about payment gateway? If no, then don’t worry

    Today you will get to know about the best payment gateway through which you can proceed with your money-related stuff. Because we are going to tell you some best payment gateway in India which can reduce the dependence on one method for your transactions.

    As we know the world is growing digitally, that is the reason people choose the digital method for transactions. In earlier times our transfer of money was done by parcel, letter or post but there is a lack of security. This can be sometimes very annoying because if any situation occurs then you can’t be able to transfer your money to your needy one. But gradually things change and people transform their mindset from offline to online. This is better to send your stuff in an instant of time and they can use the money online.

    What do you mean by payment gateway?

    A payment gateway is an online way through which we can transfer our money to others. It may be a kind of app or any website, where you build a portfolio as a user and then you can go through this type of particular gateway for agreement. This kind of gateway is made by a particular firm like a business, bank, and government agencies so that they can transfer the money to their people, colleagues, or employees. It made their work easier through this kind of software, usually, we can see in banks, or finance offices. They become private for their official work.

    But for the public, it is authorized by the government to bring such kind of software or apps which takes care of the people’s money. Or it helps them to transfer or receive the required amount. In this way, there will be no more burden to the banks for withdrawal or transfer of the amount. You can use this gateway and money will be on another side.

    There are some important details which they asked you for KYC before the transaction. In this way, they bring a security feature that can resist you from any type of fraud. So do with proper care and do the transaction happily online.

    So it’s time to learn more about the best payment gateway in India which can make your work easier for payments all over the world. Here is the list of top 5 payment gateway in India 2023

    1. Razorpay
    2. Ccavenue
    3. Instamojo
    4. EBS
    5. Payumoney.

    Most of you heard these names but you may not be completely aware of what they have for their users including transactions. Let’s talk about all the gateway one by one, in this way you will get a basic idea that how each one is different from others and what are the features we can get after using these gateways

    1) Razorpay Payment Gateway

    This is an amazing platform for transactions and people were facing so many problems due to it. That’s the reason the launch of such kinds of platforms is necessary to resolve the problem of our audience. Razorpay is founded by IIT alumni and it creates a soft spot for customers in any kind of business. It provides clean, developer-friendly APIs and hassle-free integration. Razorpay offers a fast, affordable, and secure way for merchants, schools, and e-commerce companies to disburse transactions. This is the cheapest payment gateway in India.

    Razorpay Payment Gateway

    Open You Razorpay Account For Free

    Razorpay payment gateway integration – The main steps to get integration through Razorpay are

    • First, you have to create an order from your server
    • Share your order ID and other options for the checkout
    • Reserve the arenas in your database.
    • Must Verify the signature

    This is the way through which you can do Razorpay payment gateway integration.

    Razorpay is developed by alumni of IIT Roorkee, Shashank Kumar & Harshil Mathur, this is the second Indian company to be a part of Silicon Valley’s largest tech accelerator, Y Combinator. When we talk about best then – Razorpay comes first in the list of best payment gateway.

    Features provided by Razorpay are cited below –

    ✔ Check out
    ✔ Dashboard
    ✔ Mobile SDK
    ✔ All kinds of payment modes
    ✔ API
    ✔ Secure

    Razorpay payment gateway charges in India

    ➡️ Setup Fee : Zero
    ➡️ Annual Maintenance Fee: Zero
    ➡️ Transaction Fee: From 2% to 3% depending on the payment mode

    Top clients of Razorpay:
    Spicejet, 1mg, Bookmyshow, Swiggy, Grofers, Zomato, Airtel, Zerodha

    2) CCAvenue Payment Gateway

    This provides simple, complete, and safe online payment services. CCAVENUE is another best payment gateway in India. It uses secure servers which maintain the security of your money and account. The customers of any business can easily link through it and can enter all the details. The message which they enter gets encrypted till the evaluation authority is not checked. After proper inquiry, customers get information for their transaction, this is two-way communication so no other third party member can be involved in it. CCAVENUE is providing free, secure, fast, multipurpose transaction services to its users. Vishwas founded payment gateway in 2001 and it provides payment services to over a hundred thousand e-Merchants across the world.

    Following features of CCAVENUE are –

    ✔ Maximum Payment Options
    ✔ Multiple Currency Processing
    ✔ Multilingual Checkout Page
    ✔ Easy Customization
    ✔ Retry Option
    ✔ Smart Dynamic Routing
    ✔ CCAvenue Checkout
    ✔ Card Storage Vault
    ✔ CCAvenue Storefront
    ✔ CCAvenue Shopping Cart
    ✔ Shopping Cart Plugins
    ✔ iFrame Integration
    ✔ Responsive Checkout Page
    ✔ Marketing Tools
    ✔ CCAvenue S.N.I.P
    ✔ Invoice Payments
    ✔ Smart Analytics
    ✔ CCAvenue Brand 360°
    ✔ CCAvenue PhonePay
    ✔ Dynamic Event Notification
    ✔ Live Monitoring Pro
    ✔ CCAvenue F.R.I.S.K
    ✔ Fastest Activation & Easy
    ✔ Super Support

    CCAVENUE payment gateway charges in India

    ➡️ Setup Fee : Zero for Startup Pro Plan, (or) Rs.30,000 for Privilege Plan
    ➡️ Annual Maintenance Fee: Rs.1200
    ➡️ Transaction Fee: From 2% to 4%

    Top clients of CCAvenue:
    MakeMytrip, ClearTrip, Naukri, AirAsia, Yatra, redBus, Myntra and Snapdeal

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    3) Instamojo Payment Gateway

    Instamojo is India’s best platform where you can easily do your transaction. It provides an e-commerce setup for 1,200,000 micro-entrepreneurs. There are limited things that you have to do for making an account to start with Instamojo. Once you have done with account setup then there are three steps through which you can receive payment through Instamojo are –

    Instamojo Payment Gateway

    Open You Instamojo Account For Free

    1. Payment request
    2. Show payment link to the buyer in your app/site.
    3. Get payment charged into your registered bank account in T+3 Bank working days.

    The best thing about this platform is – it can receive payments from your international clients as well. Instamojo proposes emails and provides support to the customers in every way.

    There are no fee charges, no annual charges, quick and easy to use, it can automatically receive money in your bank within three days. Payment gateway charges in India are free of cost so that people can take benefits easily with no worries. That’s why people suggest it is the free payment gateway in India.

    Features of Instamojo are

    ✔ Instamojo provides an Online identity
    ✔ It has Versatility APIs
    ✔ It helps to create an Online store for its users
    ✔ It has a Rich app store

    Instamojo payment gateway charges in India

    ➡️ Setup Fee : Zero
    ➡️ Annual Maintenance Fee: Zero
    ➡️ Transaction Fee: 2% + Rs.3

    Top clients of Instamojo:
    Snapdeal’s app Shopo, Online Prasad, UrbanClap, YourStory, Next Big What and others.

    4) EBS Payment Gateway

    EBS stands for E-billing solutions. This is an easy-to-use, affordable, fast, and globally used payment services platform. This is completely owned by a subsidiary of the Ingenico group. EBS creates an intermediary between traders and customers. It provides a seamless platform to send and receive the payment.

    EBS was established in the year 2005, and the headquarters is in Mumbai. It can receive and send payment through any type of modes like debit card, credit card, and net banking, etc. This is the first Indian merchant account provider to achieve the PCI DSS 3.0. It is the most secure online service provider in India due to the certification by ISO 27001 – 2013 standard.

    Let’s see what are the services EBS provides –

    • It can secure you from fraud and risk which are basic principles online.
    • Check out in turbo
    • A very stable and highly secured transaction
    • It has advanced analytics for insights
    • The page is multilingual and responsive in web designing

    EBS payment gateway charges in India

    ➡️ Setup Fee : From Rs.4799 to Rs. 23999 based on the plan
    ➡️ Annual Maintenance Fee: Rs.2400
    ➡️ Transaction Fee: From 1.25% to 3.75% based on the plan

    Top clients of EBS:
    BabyOye, Snapdeal, FirstCry, APSRTC

    5) Payumoney Payment Gateway

    PayU India is helping more than 4000 merchandisers including leading eCommerce corporations like Goibibo, Rechargeitnow, Jabong, Snapdeal, Bookmyshow, Ferns n Petals, Tradus, Travelyaari, Zomato Groupon India, etc. They are some of the top companies which use this platform for payments. Similarly, they had shared amazing feedback for the excellent work by Payumoney. It gives an affordable, quick, and efficient way to transfer money from one place to another. People like to work with and it is satisfactory with the technology advantage. That’s the reason it becomes the best payment gateway in India.

    Payumoney Payment Gateway

    Open You Payumoney Account For Free

    Naspers group founded this company, Payumoney. This provides extraordinary services through which a business can grow online with an easy process of transactions.

    The following features of Payumoney are –

    Fastest Account Activation – In this way, you can easily activate your account.
    Fastest Settlement – it gives you fast settlement features
    Link any Bank Account – No need to worry if you want to link your bank account, you can do with any.
    Mobile Solutions Simplified – it is mobile friendly which can provide simple mobile solutions in easy steps
    Login free Checkout – there is no need to do login, again and again, if you have done once then you are free from inscribing a password
    Built for Safety – it secures our account from any type of online glitch, hacks, etc.

    Payumoney payment gateway charges in India

    ➡️ Setup Fee : For PayUBiz, plans starts from Rs. 4900 and go upto Rs. 29000. For PayUMoney, its Zero.
    ➡️ Annual Maintenance Fee: For PayUBiz, its Rs. 2400. For PayUMoney, its Zero.
    ➡️ Transaction Fee: For PayUBiz, its between 2.20% to 3.90% based on the plan. For PayUMoney, its 2%.

    Top clients of PayUMoney & PayUbiz:
    Jabong, BookMyShow, Freecharge, Zomato, Goibibo, Olx, Ola, ShopClues, Pepperfry

    These were the following 5 best payment gateways in India. You can use any of these and grow with your brand with no worries about transactions.


    A payment gateway helps to make our transactions so easy and quick. When we do any business then our priority is to provide all the services which they demand. After discovering your product, people want to see the payment gateways and if it is easy and easily accessible then they proceed further.

    The business may be local or multinational, payment gateway is an every time necessary thing. If customers belong to that particular area then it becomes easy to exchange money. But if it talks about the foreign countries where there is a need for the exchange of currency like bitcoin. Then it becomes a fundamental requirement to get such kind of gateways for transactions which can help for converting the currencies and transfer them effortlessly. That’s why these gateways are formed and developed to help your business with this kind of service.

    In old times it was not possible to get transactions to hand in hand but now everything is possible and in a reasonable way. The world is growing digitally and we are making everything that is in the hardcore need of people in society. This payment gateway is a great relief for people, now they don’t have to put their amount in a pocket. We have debit cards, credit cards, and these gateways through which we can pay any time anywhere with no limits. Yes, there are no boundaries in transactions, we can do unlimited.

    But, there are so many things we should be careful with during online transactions –

    When things come online, then there are lots of cyber attackers who try to do a mischievous activity with our transactions like stealing money from accounts or hacking passwords, etc. It creates a lot of trouble and loses our money in the wrong hands. That’s why it’s important to do much safety and security of your password, username, account number details, including your mobile phone. Your one silly mistake can make a great loss in a few seconds. People who used to share their mobile phones are at great risk. Because these kinds of apps are available on your phone including details. So if you will share your phone then it may happen that – they can use your identity and details to empty your bank account. Don’t trust any if it talks about your personal and important thing. Sometimes it may happen that – people share the OTP ( one-time-password ) with those who do not belong to a particular authority. Don’t forget that – no authority calls you to get your personal information on your mobile phone. They never ask you for any kind of OTP so make sure you confirm first that with the whole you are going to share your data details.

    Be a person with complete awareness of every activity happening in the world. Only you are responsible for your actions so do it with proper care. But the mentioned payment gateway keeps you away from such kinds of fraud online. So you don’t have to worry much about it but still, precautions are better than cure.

    FAQ’s On Payment Gateway:

    What are the top 10 payment gateways in india?

    There are hundreds of payment gateways in India, Here is the list of top 20.

    1. InstaMojo
    2. Cashfree
    3. CCAvenue
    4. Paypal
    5. EBS
    6. Atom
    7. SBI
    8. HDFC
    9. PayKun
    10. PayTM
    11. DirectPay
    12. PayUBiz
    13. PayUMoney
    14. Mobikwik
    15. Emvantage
    16. Citrus
    17. RazorPay
    18. EaseBuzz

    Which are the Top 5 Payment Gateway in India?

    Here is the list of Top 5 Payment Gateways in India:

    4. EBS

    What is the payment gateway charges in India?

    In India most of the payment gateways levy 3 types of charges:

    1. Initial Setup Fee: This Cloud be onetime payment while registration
    2. Annual Maintenance Fee: Here Payment gateways will charges 0 to 5000/annum
    3. Transaction Charges: It could be anything between 1% to 4% per transaction

    How many types of payment gateways are there?

    Payment Gateways are four types:

    1. Hosted Payment Gateway
    2. Self-hosted payment gateways
    3. API hosted payment gateways
    4. Local bank integration

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