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5 Best Humidifier for Bedroom in India 2024


Static and sparks are not signs of true love but are rather signs of a dry indoor environment. Recent studies from the Environmental Protection Agency suggest that the best humidifier for bedroom are the ones that stabilize the humidity range to be between 30% to 50%. Investing in quality humidifiers can promise sound sleep with decreased chances of respiratory problems like hay fever, nose bleeding, asthma, bronchitis, sinus, and other chronic symptoms. Studies have shown that even a 10% decrease in humidity could increase the COVID transmission rate by two times.

A humidifier’s role is to essentially contribute to increased moisture in the environment, reducing the dryness that causes the above irritations. The best humidifier for room in India is particularly useful in saunas and spas, where the degree of moisture is high. The first humidifiers were released in the 1960s and have come a long way through the advancement of technology. The lack of moisture in the air will lead to dehydration of the skin; thus, a humidifier would ease such symptoms.

If you are unsure where to start with your humidifier investment, then worry not! In this article, we have covered various aspects of humidifiers and compiled a comprehensive list to assist you in choosing the best humidifier for bedroom indoors.

Top 5 Best Humidifier For Bedroom

  • Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier – Buy Now
  • LEVOIT Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier – Buy Now
  • Fidrox GX 2-In-1 Galaxy Cool Mist Humidifier – Buy Now
  • Octopus Prime Mini Wooden Humidifier – Buy Now
  • Deerma F325 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier – Buy Now

How Do I Know If My Room Needs A Humidifier?

Humidity is essentially the collective buildup of airborne moisture at a certain temperature. Many types of research and studies show that dry air at your home can increase the risk of various health conditions. They range from nosebleeds, lack of moisture in your eyes, dry throats, sinus, and other respiratory issues. According to the EPA, indoor humidity must be maintained at 30% at least. Using a humidifier, you can create a moisture-filled environment and even change the level of humidity you would like.

Bodily signs are extremely important to keep an eye on, for they are the first indicators that dictate the need for a humidifier. Hygrometers may show the indoor humidity percentage, but other signs are cited below:

  • Xeroderma skin: If you have white and crusty skin, your home lacks moisture. Skin is a great detector of moisture levels in your home, and you can tell the difference between a dry and moisture-filled environment. Persistent dry skin can only be solved through a quality humidifier.
  • Congestion And Bleeding: When you see blood when you blow your nose, it could signify dry air. The environmental moisture levels significantly impact the sensitive tissues and membranes, causing them to crack and bleed when rubbed.
  • Asthma: While asthma is a genetic disease, having wheezing symptoms when you have no medical history of asthma is a serious case of a moisture-free environment. When it comes to air, respiratory discomforts are your first call for help.
  • Static: The presence of static is likely due to the passage of electric buildup. Moisture plays an indispensable role in blocking sparks, the lack of which can also impact your electronic devices.

How To Find The Right Size Portable Humidifier For Bedroom?

Winter is an enticing season, with a number of snow-filled activities waiting for you on the other side of the road. But it can surely be a dreading experience when air pierces your skin. On your journey to pick your bedroom humidifier, you may come across a number of types and sizes. Choosing the right one for your bedroom may seem overwhelming, but we got you covered.

The humidifier’s size largely depends on how much space you want to cover. Portable humidifiers cover a single bedroom, while bigger capacities can range the entire house. Given below are humidifier sizes classified based on the size of your bedroom:

Room Size Classification Humidifier Size Capacity Average Cost
Small <400 sqft <6 Liters <₹ 400
Medium 400 to 1000 sqft 6-11 liters ₹400-₹8000
Large >1000 sqft >6 liters >₹8000

The size factor is crucial to decide upon and is rarely just based on your room size. The size of your portable humidifier may also be based on the placement location, choice of humidifier, usage intensity, and budget.

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List of top Best Humidifier For Bedroom

As promised, we have compiled a comprehensive list to help you choose the best room humidifier for your household. The table given below forms a brief outline of what will be explained further in this section:

Product Name Where to Buy
Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier Check Price On Amazon
LEVOIT Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Check Price On Amazon
Fidrox GX 2-In-1 Galaxy Cool Mist Humidifier Check Price On Amazon
Octopus Prime Mini Wooden Humidifier Check Price On Amazon
Deerma F325 Check Price On Amazon


1) Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Starting from the best humidifier for rooms in India, the Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier promises sound sleep for decades to come. Allin Exporters specialize in essential oils, humidifiers, and quality diffusers with an innovative and aesthetically pleasing design. This product is an ultrasonic humidifier that spreads cool mist through ultrasonic vibrations.

Powerful Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier placed in room

Check Price On Amazon

The unique aspect of this product is the antimicrobial coating that prevents mildew growth and enhances longevity. Some exceptional features are as follows:

  • Air-Ionization: The air ionization feature eliminates tiny dust particles through selective ionization. This feature reduces stuffiness and germs in the atmosphere, enabling you to breathe easily and reduce respiratory diseases.
  • Antimicrobial coating: The internal components of the water tank are coated with a germ-proof layer that prevents mold and mildew during mist generation.
  • Flexible mist spray: With a high-efficient tank holding 2.5 liters of filtered water, the Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier provides a 380 ml/h volume of mist spray. The mist from this humidifier can be set to a range of spraying levels up to 380 ml/h, and it also has an automatic shut-off system when the water is completely utilized.
  • Long duration: These humidifiers are extremely durable and can last all day and night with a 24-hour setting, even when set to the highest capacity.
  • One-Year Offsite Warranty: Lastly, you cannot ignore the warranty aspect of humidifiers. All the product defects concerned with manufacturing limitations are covered within 1 year.

2) LEVOIT Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier for Bedroom

Second on the list is the renowned LEVOIT Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, which is not only popular for its unique and aesthetically pleasing design but also its dual spray functions.

Check Price On Amazon

Having one of these in your home is bliss in disguise, with high-end durability that lets you have an undisturbed sleep. You can use the dual spraying feature to adjust the regularity of the sprays:

  • Continuous mist spraying
  • Intermittent mist spraying

To add to the aesthetics, you can also select among the three ambient colors- warm yellow, white, and a combination of the two. And since they are made of ABS, PP, and other silicone materials, they can last for extended durations.

3) Fidrox GX 2-In-1 Galaxy Cool Mist Humidifier

The Fidrox GX Galaxy Cool Mist Humidifier is equipped with a cylindrical shaped planetary design with a 250 ml capacity for the water tank. Its compact intelligent design lets you place it anywhere in the bedroom, promising uninterrupted 7-hours of moisture-filled air. Double pressing the button will also create ambient LED lighting, establishing a great atmosphere. The humidifier is built on adapting various essential oils to create a tranquil aroma while you rest. As these products are made of PVC, you can expect a consistent and long-lasting lifespan.

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  • Two-in-One Application: This humidifier is a multi-purpose machine. This humidifier essentially serves an all-around purpose of humidifying your room, moisturizing, ionizing, and filling your room with aroma. It has a unique flame-shaped design made with PP and silicone materials.
  • Ultra-silence Design: The Fidrox Tornado Humidifier is a cool-mist ultrasonic humidifier that makes you wonder if there is a humidifier around you. This feature makes it work-friendly and also works in a home with infants.

4) Octopus Prime Mini Wooden Humidifier

Next on the list is the Octopus Prime Mini Wooden Humidifier, equipped with a 130 ml tank with an energy-efficient design. This humidifier has an exceptional construction made of polypropylene materials, making it durable and perfectly safe for babies and youngsters. With built-in water protection, your safety is guaranteed. It has a circular-shaped design with touch-sensitive operations to spice it up.

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  • Touch-activated ambient lighting: The Octopus Prime Mini Wooden Humidifier provides multi-colored ambient lighting with over 6 colors to choose from. The fun part is that you don’t need more than a touch to activate this mode.
  • Simplistic and energy-efficient: This humidifier requires the least energy with a vast number of options to charge it with- whether it is a power bank or a PC. You can also use it as a night light and an aroma-therapy buddy. You can effectively charge it with a USB cable with no battery requirement.

5) Deerma F325 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Manual

Lastly, we have the Deerma F325, which is not only a popular humidifier but also a steamer for the hot summers. You can expect virtually noiseless and long-lasting sleep with a 5-liter water tank and a 36dB sound system. Mist is released at a 300 ml/hr rate that can be used throughout the day. An in-built alarm system reminds you when the water is at its end, and you can choose between fast and slow-paced humidifying.

Check Price On Amazon

  • Essential oil diffuser: The Deerma F325 can be used for aroma-filled essential oil compatibility. Since these machines are made of ABS-grade plastic set to ultrasonic technology, you can expect a durable lifespan and a therapeutic environment.
  • Ultrasonic diffusing technology: The diffusing is maintained through high ultrasonic vibrations to break essential oils and water into a fine mist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why Is A Humidifier Used?

Humidifiers are key contributors to a healthy body and are beneficial in the long run. Humidifiers help if you live in a dry area or need humidity during summers and winters. They also prevent certain irritations and diseases like influenza. Ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic frequencies and vibrations to release moisturized mist to increase the hydrometer value. Humidifiers are used to cure sore throats and congestion in the nose. A humidifying therapy would help your body relax in the humid atmosphere and avail so many hydration benefits.

They are especially required during cold seasons as you suffer from chapped skin, parched lips, and irritated throat. People with pollen and dust allergies can significantly benefit from the best humidifier for bedroom in India.

2) What Is a Good Humidifier For The Bedroom?

Choosing your humidifiers comes with a comprehensive package of factors, but the most important one would be the size of your bedroom. The objective remains constant, and that is to reach about 45% of humidity levels. The best humidifier for large room spaces is one with more than 3 gallons of capacity. The general idea is given below:

  • Humidifiers with less than 1.5-gallon tank capacity for small bedrooms (around 300 feet)
  • Humidifiers with 1-3 gallon tank capacity for small bedrooms (around 400 to 1000 feet)
  • Humidifiers with > 3-gallon tank capacity for small bedrooms (greater than 1000 feet)

Of course, it also depends on your specific requirements, like noise-cancellation, baby-friendly, longevity, and aesthetic goals. Do not forget to consider table-floor model choices, maintenance requirements, and auto-shut-off timers.

3) What Kind of Humidifier Do I Need For A Bedroom?

The type of humidifier depends on the size of your bedroom, placement location, choice of humidifier, the intensity of usage, and the amount you are willing to invest. For instance, if you are likely to shift the humidifier from one place to another or plan to run it for an extended period, you might consider getting a humidifier with larger capacities. The good news is that there are a plethora of humidifiers to work with. A brief rundown is given below:

  • Central Humidifiers: Built and installed directly at the spot, they work along with the existing air conditioning units. They are on the expensive side of the budget spectrum and are useful if you want a wide range of applications.
  • Evaporators: They are budget-friendly and work by emitting moisture through a filter. The fans are the main powering units, and they can only reach the range of a room.
  • Impeller Humidifiers: They are powered by rotating disc-shaped wings, which operate at high speed. They are also budget-friendly and perfect for a household with kids and youngsters. They do not have the risk of burning, but they work only at a limited range.
  • Steam Vaporizers: They are powered through electricity by converting water into steam and cooling it while emitting moisture. They are travel-friendly and budget-friendly as well.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers: As in the name, they work through ultrasonic vibrations and are on the expensive side of the spectrum. They form one of the best humidifiers in India and are available for variable humidity ranges.

4) How To Know If My Bedroom Requires A Humidifier?

This choice can be made effectively through a hydrometer, which calculates indoor humidity levels. Any moisture level less than 30% would necessitate a quality humidifier. Apart from this, certain natural signs help you determine this requirement:

  • Unexplained dry and dehydrated skin
  • Nose bleeding
  • Persistent cough and cold
  • Congestion
  • Static electricity
  • Asthmatic symptoms like wheezing
  • Allergies

5) Is It Alright To Sleep With A Humidifier In My Room?

Absolutely! Sleeping with a humidifier is a common practice and is often encouraged for a wide range of health benefits, like curing sinus problems and dry skin. Using it during cold nights will prevent bacteria and pathogens from entering the cilia. It has been reportedly claimed that viruses sustain more in dry air; humidifiers do a great job of expanding aerosol droplets and preventing them from entering the respiratory system.

However, ensure you regularly clean it and keep the levels in an appropriate range for maximum benefit.

6) For What Duration Can I Use My Bedroom Humidifier?

The duration depends on the humidification level you set the humidifier too. Sleeping with a humidifier can hold high benefits, but only when hygiene requirements and maintenance are kept to adherence. The EPA suggests a maximum humidification level of 50%; anything more than that can do more harm than good. Although there is no restriction in this regard, it is always recommended to keep it on for a maximum range of 8 to 12 hours.

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